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*  Designed specifically for elevator applications
*  Announces floor numbers, directions and etc.
*  Versatile and programmable interface
*  Binary code, Gray code or single point trigger
*  Supports standard Windows .wav file format
*  Sound quality comparable to AM radio
*  2 watt monaural output
*  Accept Compact Flash memory card up to 1GB
*  Internal or external background music
*  Single voltage supply (12~40V DC)
*  Compact size & low power

EMV-Voice Synthesizer is a digital message announcer designed specifically for elevator applications. Announcements such as floor numbers, going directions and emergency messages can be played at the precise moment dictated by the elevatorís control system. With a fully programmable interface, EMV-Voice Synthesizer is suitable for both building into brand new elevators and retrofitting old elevators.

In order to accommodate a variety of elevators of different brands, EMV-Voice Synthesizer incorporates a flexible interface that can be easily configured with a simple text file. Such configuration mainly involves the decoding of elevator control signals, and EMV-Voice Synthesizer can be ordered with pre-configured binary code, Gray code or single point trigger interface. For other coding schemes, special configuration file can be created at the factory, or by the user with a simple text editor such as Windows Wordpad.

Thanks to the direct support of Windows WAV format, EMV-Voice Synthesizer is able to offer the best sound quality because no file conversion and/or compression are made. More important is the fact that WAV is a standard, non-proprietary audio format, allowing the user to make his/her own recordings with standard tools. A highly efficient power amplifier inside the unit provides enough output to drive a speaker directly, eliminating the need for external amplification in most cases.

A unique feature that EMV-Voice Synthesizer offers is the capability of generating background music internally, eliminating the need for any external music source. If a pre-recorded music file is present in the system, it will be played whenever no message is being played.

Housed in a rugged enclosure, EMV-Voice Synthesizer is a self-contained unit requiring only a single voltage to operate. Built with industrial strength components, EMV-Voice Synthesizer is sure to provide years of reliable, maintenance free operation.

Available Model

*  EMV-Voice Synthesizer Model E
   For most brands of elevators with encoded interface. Up to 63 floors.



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